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Cardiac Rehabilitation

River’s Edge Hospital & Clinic offers a comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation program that incorporates prescribed exercise, education and counseling, support and encouragement focused on a patent’s risk factors and their health and well-being. Phase II cardiac rehab has been developed to medically monitor and create supervised programs to help patients recover from cardiac events such heart attacks, heart surgery and heart transplant. Cardiac rehab is a safe and effective way to help reduce the risk of future heart complications and enable individuals to return to previous activities. Phase II cardiac rehab patients receive a team of medical professionals that consist of a supervising physician, registered nurse, pharmacist, dietitian, exercise physiologist and social worker. Exercise stress testing is also available to evaluate heart disease and specific signs and symptoms that may be a precursor to a cardiac event.

For more information on River’s Edge cardiac rehabilitation program or to make an appointment, please call (507) 934-7310.