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Stroke Assessment

Through the use of technology, the Allina Telehealth Network with River’s Edge Hospital & Clinic, to ensure 24-hour acute stroke neurologists via two-way live video and audio consultation.  Board-certified neurologists can perform an exam over the Telehealth equipment while River’s Edge staff remains present and assists during the exam. Following the exam, the neurologist discusses treatment options with the patient, family and physicians. The partnership between Allina Telehealth Network and River’s Edge Hospital & Clinic not only enhances patient care and clinical outcomes but also keeps care local while providing needed experts. It provides timely and differentiating care and service to Southern Minnesota.

As with any medical emergency, the faster a patient receives proper treatment, the better the chances are for a successful recovery. This is especially true for stroke patients, as restoring blood flow to the brain minimizes the potential for long-term damage or impairment. Allina is a leading resource for comprehensive stroke care, with 24-hour access to neurologists, interventional neuroradiologists and neurosurgeons. Until recently, access to this level of expertise in regional hospitals is limited. This partnership now provides real-time, around-the-clock neurological assessments to patients in Southern Minnesota.

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